The important thing About Health that you do not Realize

The important thing About Health that you do not Realize

End of the year, let's go back realize for more sensitive to the State of your body. When you delay it as long as the desire and determination to live a healthy life, at least, know the following things that You may have never know before, sorry for before too late to change your lifestyle.

You need vaccines
Many still do not agree about the importance of vaccines, perhaps it is also that currently make you hesitate to get the vaccine, whereas the function of vaccines is important, not only for yourself, but for the environment around you. Imagine when you are in a public place with the flu, then the disease is contagious to the mother of hami, baby, or a parent, then their lives could be threatened. Even though you don't realize it, of course, be different if the person nearest you who became his victim, isn't it?

Your health is important to your family members
When you visit the doctor, particularly surgeons, they will ask about your medical history and your family's health history also. Did you know, that diseases such as cancer, not always decline directly from core family line. Not always a father pass the disease directly at his son, but could have been decreased to the son of the brother or sister of the father. Prevent that from happening, this is the reason why health checks need to be done regularly.

Health investment can only be done when the body is healthy
This is also the reason why you need to carry out health checks on a regular basis, even when you are in a healthy state, with no pain at all. Can not be denied, that points to this one closely related to your lifestyle. Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating foods high in fat, will probably not make you stricken with the disease today, but it is not impossible, you will suffer the next two years.

The doctor never tired of hearing your complaint
You never feel free to ask a doctor for fear of your questions very shallow to make doctors irritated? This would not be possible. Doctors will respond to any questions you phrase, as simple as whatever that is. Thus, with ask, the doctor will appreciate you as people who care about health.

The cost of medical treatment is not as expensive as you think
Another reason that still be a hindrance when to visit to the doctor is the cost. If you still feel that the cost of being a barrier to healthy, we recommend that you find out about the health of the BPJS back during this time has been running almost in all regions in Indonesia. Or, contact your insurance agent and ask about any type of illness that requires no additional cost, because every month, you are menyetornya to Your health needs that this sudden nature.

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