Download Free Premium UI Median Template - Template is the face for our blog therefore many are looking for templates to beautify the look of our blog so that those who read our articles are interested and at home in our articles. Aside from the quality of the content of the article we discussed.

Download Free Premium UI Median Template

There are many types of templates on a blog, for example, the template used for news blogs or templates used for selling blogs of course the template will be different between the two. A lot of us encounter a variety of templates we often visit other people's blogs.

For that I use this template mas that is linkmagz template version 2.50 if not mistaken, for the template itself is quite complete also features and also lightly in accordance with its slogan.

In this article, I will share the median UI premium template. For those of you who do not know the template can visit my blog, digital schoolgirl. there I used the Median UI template made by Jago Design Blog. I say a lot of love because the template is really reflected.

How about after visiting his blog you are interested also to get the template? because for me it is very modern and cool it's a template for us to use in our blog.

The look of the Median UI Template is very special because the appearance on the menu is also made different from other templates, using the concept of 3 columns on the theme where the first column is used for the navigation menu that can be minimized navigation width. If you look at the template it looks like a web app that distinguishes your blog from other blogs. The concept is also applied by large websites such as Google Adsense, Google Drive, and so on.

Not only that if you see using the mobile look to look more modern and cool by moving the navigation menu hovering under the screen please you try to see, but Placement of this navigation also makes the template look like a mobile app, it is intended so that those who visit your blog are more focused in reading articles.

Please if you are interested in the Median UI Template you can get by paying only 180 thousand on the website Jago Blog Design. If you want to get the template but are constrained by cost, calm down don't worry gan. My article will share the premium median UI template for free please download it to get it.

But if you just get it for free you won't get an updated version that might be more sophisticated and modern in the future, so choose wisely which one to do.

The template itself is 100% SEO friendly, easier to customize, very responsive, the installation is very easy, there is a dark mode feature that helps us fit dark at night so as not to glare, and fast loading.

There's a downside to this template in my opinion that you can't set the navigation menu directly in Layout so you have to set it directly in Edit HTML, that's all the shortcomings in my opinion.

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