Hello gaes welcome back on the bangjalinaja blog, in this article I will share a free premium template, the template is called jettheme.

In accordance with the name of the template that is jet theme, of course it is not possible that the template is not fast hehe, although this template grtais but its features are not inferior to other paid premium templates.

If you are a blogger then you are very appropriate if your blog uses this jettheme template, because this jettheme template has a fast loading.

This jettheme template has two versions, namely the premium version (jettheme Newspaper) and also jettheme blog free version. And the two versions have almost no difference in performance or SEO.

This template has entered the category of premium templates because with an attractive look plus more lodaing and seo that is 100% then this is the same as paid premium templates.

Both versions have only differences in appearance and some features.

Starting from the loading speed, performance, structure, and SEO is almost the same as paid or premium templates. Here are the features and advantages of jettheme templates.

Features and advantages of jettheme templates

Soeo 100%

Of course this template is already very seo, kalain can see it here.

100% speed

This jettheme template has a very fast speed as fast as a jet, you can check it on the web.dev site then you can see the results.

Dark mode

This template also has a dark mode lo feature, but your blog visitors who like dark can linger on the blog ente hehe.

Automatic Toc

Toc or Table Of Content or table of contents of the article, on this jettheme template is also ready and it is also automatic without tibet-complicated.

And this toc is very instrumental in SEO, so that your blog articles can be tkring on page one google and get sitelink.

Templates Are Always Updated

This template may also be updated to the next version, now it has reached version 2.7 and may continue to be updated again,

You can also download it for free.

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