Following its brother, the Median UI template that has gone up the class, now it's the turn of Fletro Pro which is part of the update to version V5.5 with code name Fletro V5.5.

This update is more focused on simplifying the interface and giving more space and margin. This is so that the interface does not seem full. As a result, the blog element looks more tenuous and widgets are wider than previous versions.

What's new?

Dark Mode

In the previous version when switching to dark mode automatically the blog display will change to a blackish blue color now in this version Fletro v5.5 the color is changed to completely dark mode aka black.


The striking difference from the early version is in the footer section, namely by giving a black accent. Looks more elegant but the maker forgets the yellow and blue colors that are usually attached to the template.

Table of Content

In line with the Median UI v1.3 template, this template has also been provided with automatic TOC features.


In the body of this template uses the font Noto Sans and Fira Mono and Poppins respectively in the source code and heading.


The icon is made slim with a softer color so that it is comfortable in the eyes. You can also replace the icon with another icon that has been provided.

Tag p

The thing you should pay attention to is the presence of the p tag where the previous version is more supportive of the br tag. By using the tag <p> on the post, you will find ads and related articles in the middle of the post.



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